Moments make experience, and I believe there is nothing more important than the human experience. That’s why my films are true-to-life. I document candidly and capture moments as they naturally unfold. I’m present, but not intrusive, so you can focus on your person and your people. I am as passionate about preserving experience as I am about protecting it. Meaning, I love the guests of honor as much as the guests themselves, and wholeheartedly celebrate people of every neurodiversity, sexual orientation, gender identity, cultural background, and religious belief. 

As a seasoned wedding filmmaker, I am consistently complimented for my calming presence, natural intuition, creativity and reliability. My experience-first philosophy gives way to films that reflect the heart of my couples and the spirit of their celebration. 

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This is the place where we became a family. The place where we made too many mistakes and yet, still fell harder in love. This is the place where we’d watch and rewatch our wedding film, floored by the way it could transport us back to that day, back to the beginning of us. A couple of moves later and a couple more humans on the team (Oliver, 6 and Oakes, 2), and life looks a lot different now. But we will never forget our start at 718. 

Our name is an ode to all that follows the day you say “I do.” Between the good and the bad, the messy and the beautiful, our promise is a wedding film that’s worth coming back to.

Our story starts at 718 new 
york st., the first place we called home. 

Why 718 Creative?