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The Experience

You have one chance
to experience your wedding day.

And we have one chance to capture it.

You can trust us to do it RIGHT.

what to expect


Kevin is a feeler.  He keeps an eye out for the heart and personality of your film {i.e. the way it feels}.  Sarah is a thinker with a keen eye for detail and the way your film looks {i.e. nothing short of perfection}.  Together with two different perspectives, we cohesively create stunning films.

04 From another perspective

Unlike other filmmakers, we don't recreate a contrived, polished version of your wedding.  Instead, we work hard to honor the authentic look and feel of the day.  Because you want to relive YOUR day, not a pristine, perfect version of it.

03 Keeping it real

On your wedding day, we want you, your guests and vendors to smile and feel more joy because we're there.  Not in spite of it.  That's why we always bring a warm, encouraging, and helpful vibe to your day.

02 good vibes only

Your experience is our number one priority, which is why our approach is thoughtful and intentional.  We don't disrupt important moments, direct you to do something "over again", or change the mood just to get what we "need".  Instead, we let your experience happen naturally.  And we blend into the background capturing things organically.  You'll be so busy enjoying yourselves and taking it all in, you'll probably forget we're even there.

01 an experience to remember


what to expect



718 Creative